Week #3 – Production Meeting Assignment 1

Assignment #2

Part I: Editorial Assignment

  • Amend docs based on comments in class today (estimate, schedule, equipment list, etc)
  • Shoot and edit images and submit 20 selects on USB disk w/delivery memo.
  • Submit Project bible and include final invoice, delivery memo and project assessment. (DRM)

Part II: 

  • Write a blog entry describing your personal experience on the project and what you learned and experienced. If you were the DRM on this project, include a diptych of the environmental portrait and a food image in your entry.
  • Write 3 multiple answer questions based on the article listed below. Include four possible answers and please indicate which is the correct answer.



Week #1 & 2 – Introductions

Welcome to the the Spring 2012 Session of the Working Photographer II  course. I am looking forward to collaborating with you in the coming weeks to develop your careers as professional photographers.  Please utilize this sight as a reference and as a resource for all the things that we discuss and work on in class.

Assignment #1

Part I. Editorial Food Assignment

  • Find subject and location for shoot
  • Compile and complete production docs (schedule, crew roster, estimate, shot list, equipment inventory)
  • Prepare for production presentation (DRM and PC)
  • Include sample shot or materials

Part II

  • Create WordPress blog w/ entry on your role in first editorial assignment (remember to link to WPII Facebook page)
  • Write 3 multiple answer questions based on reading material (see below). Please print and include your name on page.

Reading Assignment:

ASMP Business Form Tutorial

Photographer Resources:

Magazine References: