Week #7 – Multimedia Production

Assignment #7

* For those of you who did not submit your assignments this past Monday, you still have an opportunity to receive a partial credit on it if you provide me the one minute segment of the interview by Monday. Create a Dropbox folder and send me a link so that I can download it by Monday.

Part 1. Bring in your edited multimedia piece on your photographs subject. The length of the video can be up to 2 minutes in length and should consist of portion of the interview, still imagery and video. The theme of “Photography is…..” should be addressed in the piece. (See previous entry for more information or contact me if you have any questions). Bring the completed video as a Quicktime File at a resolution of 1280 x 720 in a file format of NTSC – DV H.264. Bring it on an external hard drive or USB memory stick. Do not bring a CD. Make sure to include a title and the a credit in the completed piece.

Part 2. Bring an initial edit 20 images of your personal project. Submit it PDF Proofsheet using  Dropbox before class as a PDF file. Include other images which did not make the edit in a separate file.

Part 3. Update your blog during the coming weeks and include at least one posting on the creation of the multimedia piece for class.


Lynda.com Final Cut Studio Tutorial

Final Cut Express Tutorial from Apple. (not the full version, but the key features still apply).

iMovie ’09 Tutorial from Apple.

iMovie 11 Tutorial

Alas Media Wiki (tips and tricks for producing video and multimedia pieces).

Alas Media Flickschool (video tutorials from Alas Media)


Week #5 – Multimedia Primer

Assignment #5

  • Part 1. Do a pre-interview with your subject to find a focus for your multimedia piece on the photographer you are profile. Take notes to define the multimedia piece, which focuses on each photographer defining “Photography is _________” for themselves, thru the filter of their own work and passion for photography.
  • Part 2. Conduct a film interview using a HDSLR (5D Mark II, 7D, etc), making sure to record the best audio quality using a wired lavalier, boom mic or an external digital recorder. Light the interview in an interesting way that utilizes your abilities as a still photographer. Though this footage is not much more than a “talking head”, I want to see you demonstrate to make an interesting visual using your lighting sills.
  • Part 3. Bring in a 1 minute cut from the interview, which will showcase the audio and the lighting of the interview.
  • Part 4. Add a post on your blog about a photographer who is an inspiration for you. Make sure to post an update to the Facebook blog.

5D Mark II Filmmaking Resources

Photographer Multimedia Examples

  • Radcliffe Roy (pay particular attention to the shots where the subject is not talking but instead reacting. Those are great for option in the editing process. )
  • Nadia Sliwka
  • Maleonn (though this is a high-end professional production, pay particularly attention to the way he is lit and composed with the two set-up with him.

Week #4 – The Art of Editing

Assignment #4

Part 1. To prepare for the first multimedia project, organize into teams of 3 and choose who you will profile for your first assignment. Choose a team leader and have this person submit the names on your team and who each individual will profile for the assignment.

Part 2. Post a minimal of one entry on your blog. Post at least one of them on the Facebook page before the next class session.


Photographers Mentioned in Class:

Week #3 – Fear and the Creative Life

Assignment #3

Part 1. – Bring 24 4×6 inch prints to class next week. These images can be existing work from the personal project you’ve pitched for the class or it can be a selection of current work. You can go to Costco or Walmart to produce these prints easily and inexpensively. Do not bring multiple prints on a single piece of paper or larger sized prints. I am asking for 4×6 prints for a specific purpose and the process will be hampered if you choose to do it in any other way.

Part 2. Come up with three words that you feel capture the most important idea of the body of work that you are submitting. They need to be individual words (e.g. isolation, angst, erotic). The more specific the words, the better. They should be words the exemplify the most important ideas that you are striving to express in the project or body of work.

Part 3. Write an entry on your blog sharing why the project is important to you and why it’s something you feel that you have to do. Post a link to your blog entry on the class’s Facebook page. The blog entry must be placed on the Facebook class page in order to receive a full credit fort the assignment. 


Photographers Mentioned in Class

Articles on the Role of Personal Projects

Personal Projects Pitch

For the next class session, please prepared to pitch your personal project for the term. As discussed during the first day of class, this project should possess the following qualities:

  1.  Be inspired by something that you are passionate about besides photography.
  2. Allows you to produce a significant body of work within the time that we have
  3. Has a clear idea, premise or focus. It can’t just be a project that allows you to practice some particularly technique.
  4. Choose a project that you would love to be hired for to produce.
  5. Make it a challenge for yourself, not merely an opportunity produce half-hearted, half-ass work.
  6. Provide some example of work (your own or some else’s which provides a source of inspiration
  7. Lastly, but most importantly, bring in an idea that can really excite us as potential viewers.