Week #10 – Estimate and Invoicing

Assignment #10 – Estimate and Bidding

1. Submit an estimate and cover letter for a job whose details I will be submitting to you via e-mail. Provide as detailed a break down of the job as you would approach it. Your estimate and letter will be graded based on your thoroughness and professional presentation. Utilize whatever resources available to determine the cost of production as well as your own creatives fees. I recommend that you utilize the software titles I mentioned in class, which I mentioned below. Blink Bid and FotoQuote are both available as a limited trials. Bring printed copies of your letter and estimate to class.


Software & Database

Estimate for Real Job as posted on the A Photo Editor Blogsite.


Week #9 Marketing & Promotion

Assignment #9

1. Research 2 potential editorial clients

  • Identify your primary contact person (photo editor, art director)
  • Include a copy of the media kit
  • Interview 1 photographer who has been published in one of the magazines to discuss how they began their relationship with the publication.
  • Write one page overview of your conversation with the photographer



Marketing and Branding

Week #7 – Editorial Research

Assignment #7

Submit your multimedia presentation and an edit of your personal project on a disc. Create two separate folders on the disc to separate the Quicktime file from the jpegs. Please bring a back-up of your multimedia piece on a USB memory stick or an external HD, just in case I have trouble reading the multimedia piece off of the CD.