Week 11 – Final Multimedia

Part I.

  • Come up with a idea, subject and setting for a pieced based on a profiles on a craftsman, an artist, or an artisan, or someone  that uses their hands. You are open to other subject matter, but try to find a subject that provides you good material for visuals.
  • Find a subject and scout for the still and multimedia shoot.
  • This is produced as a personal project. So, while there is no estimate or invoice, you still need to produce a cost of production including the paying of assistants, materials, crew, models, etc.
  • Come in with a storyboard for the multimedia and shots of locations..
  • Compile and complete production docs (schedule, crew roster, cost estimate, shot list, equipment inventory)
  • Prepare for production presentation (DRM and PC) – Remember that there are two DRMs for the final assignment.One is for the multimedia shoot and the other for the still shoot. In your production book, please indicate which DRM is responsible for which part of the assignment.


Joey L


Video Examples

Due Next Week

  • Presentation for final multimedia assignment with draft of production book

Week 10 – Personal Projects

There is no group assignment for this week. Please work on your personal assignments.

If you have taken advantage of the group exercise for the editing of your personal project, please bring in your 4x6t prints on Monday. This will be the last opportunity to work with an edit as part of the group.

Week 9

I’m seeing great progress with the personal project, which is great. I think that the process we followed in the class is helping to refine and define the work that you are each producing. Try to produce as much new content as you can in the next couple of weeks as it will help you to produce as great a final project as you can.

If you weren’t in class this week or didn’t have the opportunity go through the editing process, please make sure to bring in all your 4×6 prints to the next class session so we can work with them.

Due Next Week.

  • Complete shoot and edit and deliver final image. Deliver images via Dropbox by March 16th. .
  • Complete production book with invoice, delivery memo, invoice, etc
  • Written project assessment from the DRM
  • Team Presentation




Week 8 – Black Dog Commercial Assignment

We take the shift to the commercial assignment, which provides you the ability to work with a larger budget than you have worked with for the past several assignments. Though you obviously don’t have access to these funds, I am looking at how you submit an estimate for these jobs. Though a budget range will be offered for each of these assignments, it’s about to you to determine how much you need to actually produce the shoot, while still enjoying a profit. In these estimates, you will be considering things such as your creative fee, licensing and usage, fees for the use of your own equipment, insurance, etc.

Black Dog Awareness Project

You are being asked to submit an awareness campaign for a animal right organization which is bringing attention to the low adoption rates of black dogs. Black dogs of a diverse number of breeds suffer from significant lower rates than other dogs, regardless of breeds. This leads to many of these animals being destroyed. Though, there has been increased awareness on the issue of spaying and neutering one’s pets, there is still large numbers that are destroyed each year. This campaign hopes to create awareness not only about the negative effect on individual animals, but also to encourage pet owners to spay and neuter their animals.

The client is creating a print campaign, which will take the form of a posters and other collateral materials as well as advertising in select regional and national publications in the effort to get the word out. The image that will serve as the backbone of the campaign consists of a portrait of an all black dog against a black background. The are looking for an “exceptional and beautiful” portrait that will be arresting and attention-getting. They are envisioning of a long nose bread of dog such as a labrador or shepard. They do not want a short noses breed such as a pug or terrier. The profile or 3.4 quarter profile they have envisioned for their mock-up is an important consideration. Considering the black on black request, this assignment does pose a lighting challenge to ensure separation between the subject and the background. They are looking for a variety of vertical and horizontal images, which will provide them flexibility with various layouts and designs which they have envisioned.  Your contact has indicated that they are working with a limited budget and for you to be competitive you would need to come in at a budget of below $5000.00.

Because you are working with animals, you can expect some challenges with respect to this on the shoot. I strongly suggest being careful on your choice of subject. You should also allot some time for testing. You don’t want to find on the day of the shoot that your subject reacts negatively to strobe for example.


Due by Thursday:

A PDF of your Core 8 image from your personal project, plus a 1 page write-up on your personal project. Please discuss not only how you feel the work is progressing, but also what ideas and themes do you feel are being revealed in this body of work. Please include information on what you are hoping to achieve or do differently with this project before the end of the term.

Due Next Week:

  • Draft of production book
  • 4×6 prints of images from personal project (include a 5×7 manila folder with name written on upper right hand corner).

Week 7 – Multimedia Assignment

We are past the mid-terms now. We’ll be moving from editorial assignments to commercial assignments through the rest of the term, which will allow us to expand on the work done for pre-production and the production books themselves.

I have e-mailed you the user name and password for the Vimeo account. So, you should have uploaded your finished multimedia piece by Sunday night. E-mail me the hero photograph mentioned in the original assignment on Sunday as well.

In preparation for Monday, you should be prepared to have your 4×6 prints to date. I will be walking you through the editing process and so images on your tablet or your computer will do you no good for the next class session.

Due by Monday

  • Uploaded multimedia piece to Vimeo
  • Hero shot as described in original assignment description
  • A complete collection of your 4×6 prints from your personal assignment to date.